My discerning (almost) 7 month old

I will not lie.  My kids have eaten bought baby food before.  It’s not like they have it the whole time but sometimes that’s just the way the day rolls – but not anymore.  My (almost) 7 month old has made it clear that he’ll lap up his Mom’s food but his lips are sealed when it’s out of a jar.  Call him a Mama’s boy.  Call him a man of good tastes, either way, he’s probably right to be ask for home made food.

The squash cost $1.49 so at around 25c per serve it’s good economically too.

Chopping, 3 minutes. Cooking, 5 minutes. Blending, 30 seconds. I can’t argue it takes too much time.


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5 Responses to My discerning (almost) 7 month old

  1. Bree says:

    Totally agree! Although I did get a broccoli and green bean mix spat all over me yesterday. Apparently she agrees with me that broccoli is gross!

  2. Is squash like pumpkin? If so, that boy is onto a good thing.

    • Ana says:

      Technically a pumpkin is a type of squash. There are lots of different cultivars in the same family. They can be used in a similar fashion in cooking.

  3. very true , its look like a pumpkin..

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