Friday night quickie

My sister and I won a trip to France in a dress up competition.  True story!  This was about 10 years ago in a Cathay Pacific “dress up and fly” competition where you turn up at the international airport in costume representing the country you want to visit.  We spent hours and hours making our chicken wire Moet and Chandon bottle and champagne glass to win our ticket to Paris.

That’s my sister in the Moet bottle and I’m the champagne glass out at Auckland International Airport.

It was in the South of France with my sister that I fell in love with Salade Niçoise.  Fortunately for me almost every restaurant in the South serves their own version of this provincial dish and I lived on it for the entire two weeks.

These days on Friday nights my husband and I like to feed the kids first, bath them, read them a story and get them to bed early in an attempt to get some time to ourselves.  A Salade Niçoise is a favourite Friday night quickie.  I’m sure it takes me far less time to whip this up than it would to call in take out, it goes without saying that it’s far healthier, much tastier and I have no idea how much it costs to get a pizza delivered but I reckon it’s a cheaper option too.

A Friday night favourite – especially with a glass of wine.

My Salade Niçoise usually consists of lettuce and lightly steamed green beans (both were in this week’s veggie box), boiled eggs (which I already had on hand because I like to have eggs in the fridge as a snack), tinned tuna (I use the tuna with olive oil.  The oil makes it more satisfying so I feel like I’m having a main meal), boiled potato and a few kalamata olives.  We opened a bottle of red, put our feet up and enjoyed our Friday night.

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9 Responses to Friday night quickie

  1. Bree says:

    Lovely! We usually have Wine Friday as well. Not that it stops me having a wine any other night but we always take time to have a glass together on Fridays.

    • runningmelon says:

      I think “Wine Friday” is good for the health. A friend and I, back in our single days, used to call it “Whine Friday” and we would meet up just for a glass and a weekly debrief when we were both working far too many hours and had far too many things to let off some steam about. Fortunately these days my husband and I have very little to whine about but the glass of wine on a Friday has stayed.

  2. VJ says:

    Do tarte aux fraises count as getting in your fruit and veges? ;-P

    • runningmelon says:

      Well I’ve been told (perhaps tongue and cheek) that the USDA counts ‘tomato sauce’ on pizza and ‘french fries’ as vegetables so on that insane style of counting….um… yes? 🙂

  3. VJ says:

    What kind of a rubbish French teacher can’t even spell tartes correctly!

  4. i dont think so it is dusscusing point

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