Potluck August harvest salad

We are fortunate to be part of a regular potluck group where both the company and the food is always exceptional.  Our hosts, Kim and Justin, are both phenomenal cooks, particularly when it comes to preparing fresh, real food.   I like to get to their house early so I can watch them at work in the kitchen (and, just between you and me, I have been know to strategically place their dish directly in front of my spot at the table before).

Potluck at Kim and Justin’s.

When we arrived tonight Kim was already cooking up onions with coconut oil and cajun spice.  When the onions were transparent she added a bag of organic kale.

Once the kale was done and put in the serving dish she pulled potato slices from the oven which had been cooked with a little bit of olive oil.

Kim combining the potatoes and kale mix.

The potatoes were put in the bowl with the kale mix.  Followed by cooked corn cut from the cob and baby tomatoes picked from the garden and cut in half.

I wish you could taste just how good this was.

I should have asked Kim if there is a name for this dish and where (if anywhere) she got the inspiration.  I’ve called it August harvest salad because it’s made from vegetables in season at the moment.  In fact, all the key ingredients in this dish were in our weekly organic veggie box delivery which came yesterday so we’ll probably be having this again on the weekend.

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11 Responses to Potluck August harvest salad

  1. It’s all you need for dinner on one plate! Must try Kim’s dish soon!

  2. John Faris says:

    Sounds like mother, like daughter – one moves the plate to a strategic location while the other moves herself to a strategic location, but in both cases for the same effect. Lovely food indeed – as were all the berries when they were in season. (Say hi to Kim and Justin from me).

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  4. Bree says:

    Potatoes and.kale. how could you go wrong???

  5. VK Offord says:

    This is definitely on my menu plan for next week, looks ah-mazing! X

  6. this dis is bit of diffrent .i will try this dish ..
    I am on dieting , is it good for me ?

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