Jessica Simpson is finding it hard to lose the baby weight. Apparently this is news.

If you haven’t heard the news today: Jessica Simpson is finding it hard to lose the baby weight after the birth of her little girl, Maxwell in May.   Yep, she gave birth four months ago and she isn’t back to her pre-baby size yet.  Apparently this is news.  Apparently her body was supposed to have “bounced back” by now.

Jessica Simpson with her little baby girl.

Today’s expectations are that we watch tv programs on demand; we buy anything we want online, 24 hours a day and with next day delivery; noodles are instant and fast food is assembled in front of us in less than 1 minute (guaranteed or your money back).  We wait for nothing.  We’re told that everything should happen at the snap of our fingers including weight loss.  Diets promise that we can lose 10 pounds in 10 days and when there are super model Mom’s photo ready weeks after giving birth somehow that gets confused with something being horribly wrong when a new Mom hasn’t lost the postpartum pounds just weeks after she’s welcomed a baby into the world.

I’m not against fast weight loss.  If it naturally happens like that for you (or you have the resources to make it happen) then lucky you!  What I am against is unsustainable diets and unrealistic expectations.  When are we going to relax a little about what other people think of us (especially post baby) and instead focus on our own journey to health?

I didn’t look like Heidi Klum before I had my kids, so I’m certainly not going to look like this 8 weeks post baby.

My son is just over 7 months old.  I still have about another 5 pounds to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.  But right now, I’m feeling really healthy.  I’m getting fit again.  I fill up on nutritious food and rarely eat sugary, floury, junky stuff.  The little bit of extra weight I gained is coming off, even if it is slowly.  I’m confident that I will return to being a super fit, healthy and trim Mom.  So you know what?  I’m doing just fine and if someone has a problem with that they can take their criticisms elsewhere.

I’m sure Jessica Simpson is going to be fine too.  I hope she’s enjoying being focussed on her little girl right now rather than stressing about squeezing into her Daisy Duke shorts by next week.

Heidi Klum image from here.

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5 Responses to Jessica Simpson is finding it hard to lose the baby weight. Apparently this is news.

  1. Bree says:

    I totally feel for Jessica. Especially the part about her boobs being too big to run! I was very lucky both times during pregnancy I gained very little weight even though I ate a bit of naughty stuff. I carried a bit of extra weight anyway so I think my body just used my extras to grow the bubbas. And both times my body did go back to normal fairly quickly. Now I’m about 10kgs lighter than I was pre baby and I feel great. I really want to keep this weight off and maybe lose another couple of kgs.

    • runningmelon says:

      I know, it’s ridiculous! Good luck on your upcoming triathlon by the way (I just checked out your blog). I used to be really big into triathlons but unfortunately both the bike and the wetsuit are a bit dusty at the moment. Maybe again sometime when the kids are a bit bigger. Running pushing the stroller is easier logistically at the moment.

  2. Top marks to you Leaping Zucchini. By looking after yourself, and keeping up with breastfeeding the way you have, you are giving that divine son of yours a great start. Lucky boy! By simply being wise about food, as he grows you will begin to shrink. All in good time.

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