Snack challenge

Here’s a challenge for the next week (I’m going to do this too).  Make EVERY SINGLE snack you have over the next week based on a fruit or veggie.  Forget muffins, bagels, cookies or cakes.  Instead have some berries and nuts, half an avocado, a pack of snap peas, celery with almond butter, tomato with goats cheese.  Not at home during the day?  Don’t use that as an excuse!  Most fruit and nuts don’t need any refrigeration, any cooking and travel well.

Mini carrots and home made hummus.

What are your favourite fruit and veggie snacks?

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5 Responses to Snack challenge

  1. An excellent challenge! I have just arrived home from the supermarket with a big bunch of celery (sorry Iggy, I won’t insist you eat it). It needs the almond butter to turn it into a snack, though!

  2. Failed within a couple of hours of logging this reply! Whoops! It’s harder than you think, sometimes.

  3. Awesome challenge 🙂 I love raw cauliflower & hummus!

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