Kat’s oatmeal pancakes

Recently whilst Kat was training a group of Mom’s the conversation turned to what to feed the kids for breakfast.  Something that isn’t filled with sugar or heavily processed but is both healthy and gets a thumbs up from toddler taste buds.

Kat putting Baby Boot Camp Mammas through their workout.

About a year ago Kat faced the same breakfast dilemma.   She’s spent 10 years as a fitness coach and has been a nutrition coach for two (a real food fan her whole life!) so naturally she likes to give her son, Reid, healthy meals made from whole foods.  When Reid was a toddler he happily lapped up oatmeal and cottage cheese (sometimes with blueberries) or scrambled eggs for breakfast.  But as kids sometimes do, he went off them both.  So Kat started experimenting in search of a new, easy to make, protein packed breakfast that met with Reid’s approval.  Kat’s oatmeal pancakes were born.

There are two versions:

Use one of these bases:

1/2 cup rolled oats and 1/2 cup water OR 1/4 cup rolled oats and 2 tablespoons pumpkin

with either base you’ll also need:

An egg, a tablespoon of flaxseeds and about a teaspoon of cinnamon and / or nutmeg to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and cook on a medium heat in coconut oil or organic butter.  Serve with fresh fruit, nut butter or real maple syrup.

I made these for Ana and Jose the other day.  They are quick and easy to make, super filling, use only five whole ingredients and are tastier and healthier than the ones that made from a packet.  If there were leftovers (which in this case, there were not) they could be used as “bread” with nut butter or a fruit filling which would be good for school or picnic lunches.

Pumpkin and oatmeal pancakes topped with pear.

So now that the kids are sorted for breakfast tomorrow, something for adults:  Kat runs a program called Eat Clean, Train Mean.  She has specifically designed the course so that over a 5 week period her clients see a complete change in themselves through a focus on good nutrition and supported by a fitness program and heaps of motivation and personal attention from Kat.  The program isn’t about cutting calories or taking supplements or following the latest fad.  The emphasis is on education about whole foods, good eating habits, portion sizes and how to manipulate starches for fat loss.  It’s also available online for out of towners!  (I can pass your contact details onto Kat if you are interested).

Happy pancake flipping!

Also thanks to Pinky Swear Photography for the great shot of Kat.

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4 Responses to Kat’s oatmeal pancakes

  1. In the weekends we sometimes have a different breakfast menu for a change. We call this “cafe breakfast”. We have a long weekend coming up and a cafe breakfast of Kat’s pancakes will be a special treat. Just a bit early in the season for blueberrries here, but I can already imagine these pancakes with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and a scattering of blueberries.

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