Green eggs

Our beets from our veggie box come with their greens still on top.  I had heard that beet greens can be used just like any other collard greens and are apparently even more nutritious than the roots.  Tonight was their night.

These beet tops aren’t going to waste.

I washed them, desteemed them and steamed them for a few minutes (if you are really in a rush you can probably skip the steaming and put them straight into the pan).

Cooked them up with a bit of olive oil and garlic. (Actually, they are pretty good just like this as a side dish).

I whisked up 8 eggs, a splash of milk, seasoned with salt and pepper and added the greens mix.

Back in the pan on a medium to low heat until it was mostly cooked and then under the broiler for a few minutes to brown up the top.

It was served with a big salad. Ana chose just tomato to have with hers and with all the greens in the eggs I thought that was fine.

Ana named them green eggs.  Quite Dr Seuss-esk and apt I thought.  She ate two large slices of this.  Anyone who reads this blog knows my views on toddlers and veggies.  If that’s what you feed them regularly (and see you eat!) then that’s what they’ll eat.

I got the recipe from here (and mostly followed it, but if you like more detailed recipes take a look).  The recipe would work well with pretty much any kind of veggies or even bits of meat so experiment a little.  This is great cold as well so can be packed in school lunches and picnics.






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2 Responses to Green eggs

  1. Linda says:

    I simply love eating beetroot leaves raw. I include them in my salads, simply picking the leaves as I need them. The younger they are the more tender, so I guess cooking them if they were older would make them more palatable.

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