Cauli fried rice

What was Rafa eating in the last post?  It was my version cauliflower “rice”.

If you read these sort of blogs you’ve probably stumbled across cauliflower rice before.  It’s just cauliflower blended until it looks like rice and it is from the same line of thinking as spaghetti zucchini, carrots or squash.  It’s just another way of reducing pasta and rice intake and upping the veggies.

If you’ve never made it before, here’s a few tips:  If you’ve got a decent food processor be careful not to over do it and end up with cauliflower mush (it breaks up really quickly).  I use a Vitamix on about 6 (moderate speed) and throw in individual cauliflower pieces whilst it is on and then removing the mix in small batches so there isn’t soup going on at the bottom.  Another method is to put roughly chopped pieces in a blender altogether with water which makes the blending more even then strain out the water when it’s done.  A hand grater works fine also.  It also freezes really well so you can pull out portioned batches as required.

cauli rice 1

Cauliflower has such a mild taste that it’s a little nondescript when eating it just by itself.  It’s great with something with lots of flavour particularly something spicy.  I like it with a slightly saucy dish but if you top it with a really running sauce it can water log.  Likewise microwave cooking can water log it a bit (but if you do want to use the microwave, don’t add water), steaming works fine but pan frying is my favourite.  Again because of it’s moisture content, it can’t be used as a rice substitute in recipes that need rice to absorb liquid, so risottos, casseroles and puddings aren’t going to work.

cauli rice 2To make something similar to this: fry up an onion and a bit of garlic.  Add the cauliflower and anything else you’d normally put in to fried rice.  I used both frozen and fresh veggies, some left over pork and a bit of egg which I made into an omelette in the pan before I started.  Add a bit of chilli powder, a touch of soy sauce if that’s your thing and there you have it.

cauli rice 3My three-nager turned her nose up at the look of it (which is how we start most meals at the moment).

cauli rice 4But once she tried it she had to admit it was pretty good.

cauli rice 5Rafa needed no convincing.  Another meal time success.  Oh, except one caveat, the floor did need a bit of a clean up after.  It’s not the cleanest meal for a kid whose spoon skills are still a work in progress.

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2 Responses to Cauli fried rice

  1. audrygodwyn says:

    I gave up rice a few months ago, I keep hearing about cauliflower “rice”. I’m going to give this a try 🙂

  2. We eat very little rice and pasta really. Risotto once a week -10 days and spaghetti likewise. That’s it. I do like the idea of the cauliflower rice tho. So you grate it before cooking?

    And three-nager..!!!! I was going to say that was the most feral look I’d ever seen miss A do!!

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