Lemony greens and beans

My husband is out of town and the kids had leftovers so I just wanted to whip up something quick and easy for myself tonight and use up the red chard and kale that was still hanging around the fridge from last week’s veggie box delivery.

I’m not sure if this is going to be a family favourite, but by gosh, I enjoyed it!

I chucked into the pan finely chopped onion and cut up stems from the red chard.

Followed by the chopped leaves of the chard and maybe half a dozen kale leaves.

I added tin of cannellini beans

Grated in some lemon zest then added the lemon juice and a splash of leftover chicken broth to give it some moisture and flavour.

Then finally a couple of black olives and some capers to jazz it up.

It was better-than-expected good for something that was just using up some leftover veggies.

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One Response to Lemony greens and beans

  1. its looks yammi and spicy food ….

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