Mexican Caviar Salad

My sister said it was time I posted another recipe.  Something that’s quick and easy.  The sort of thing you can whip up on those nights when you haven’t given dinner that much thought.  Last night was one of those nights for us and this is what I made – so VJ, I hope this salad is the kind of inspiration you’re looking for.

I call this Mexican Caviar Salad but I doubt there is any authenticity in that name.  Prior to arriving in the States I had never heard of Mexican Caviar, but in the US it seems describe any vaguely Mexican-like salsa served with tortilla chips.  (My understanding is that in Mexico “Mexican Caviar” refers to Escamoles which are ant eggs so “Mexican Caviar” referring to salsa might be a US invention).  Anyway, my favourite Mexican Caviar I’ve had thus far was at a neighbors bunco party.  At her house I ate it as intended with tortilla chips, trying to balance as much of the stuff on top of the chip as possible without dropping it all over her kitchen but at home we skip the chips and serve something similar on top of a big pile of lettuce.  Our salad probably takes it yet another step further from whatever is the “original” version, but we love it.

My version of Mexican Caviar all ready to be served on top of mixed lettuce.

My version of Mexican Caviar all ready to be served on top of mixed lettuce.

Combine a can of beans (I used pinto in the above mix but black beans good too) and add a can of corn.  Make sure you give the beans a really good rinse before you put them in the bowl.

Then add some colorful chopped raw veggies.  Baby tomatoes, yellow, red and orange peppers are favourites for this dish.  I also use radish and cilantro for a bit of oomph (and I had some lurking in the back of the fridge).

Avocado is pretty essential for the taste of the dish and adds a bit of creaminess.  I also like a good dash of lime (or lemon juice).  If it’s still too dry for your taste add a splash of olive oil and / or apple cider vinegar.

Then seasoning.  Salt and pepper.  I sometimes use a bit of cumin and chilli powder too.

Serve up on a big pile of lettuce and that’s my Mexican Caviar Salad.

I’ve talked about the “bean controversy” before.  Particularly Paleo guys (and many low carb followers) believe we shouldn’t be eating them, but in my view they are super handy to have in the cupboard and can be made into a huge range of healthy hot and cold meals and snacks.  They are starchy, but have a low glycemic index (so they digest slowly).  They are high in fiber, potassium and magnesium, a great protein source for non-meat nights and for those who care, gluten free.  They’re filling, cheap and the whole family likes them.  So in my mind I can’t see why I’d cut them out of our diet.  Anyway, VJ, I hope you like the recipe!

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6 Responses to Mexican Caviar Salad

  1. Sounds good. Maybe you could call yours mecican caviar san choi bow!

    • runningmelon says:

      Love it! We usually don’t serve it in a lettuce ‘bowl’ like that but there is nothing stopping us. Totally rocking idea. In fact, for a party appetiser you could do little ones in little butter lettuce or romaine leaf cups instead of tortilla ships.

  2. Kiwicommunicator says:

    That’ll be on the menu at our place tonight – with left over coleslaw and left over steamed fish which I am throwing into some left over cheese sauce. It’s amazing how it all comes together!

  3. VJ says:

    Yum – that looks so summery and fresh! Love all of the colours too.

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