About me and the leaping zucchini

I’m not a qualified nutritionist or a registered dietician but I’ve always been passionate about nutrition, fitness and health.

Ironically, in search of some healthy ideal, I’ve had my fair share of shakes and pills, I’ve bought a ton of fat-free products, I’ve diligently counted calories, I’ve even eaten bacon and eggs for a week in an attempt to go no carb.  But, over the years I’ve realised that we’ve over complicated the way we eat and it now amazes me, that us humans, as intelligent as we are, can do some pretty dumb things when it comes to food.  It’s why I’ve become an advocate for applying some common sense to how we approach our meal times.  My philosophy is simple: more meals from real food.

I’m now wife to an awesome Argentinean (Jose) and a Mum of two totally cool kids.  My energetic toddler, Ana Lucia (Ana) and my smiley and mellow bubba, Rafael (Rafa or Rafi depending on the day).  Seeing what many kids are growing up on now has made me even more passionate about healthy family meals.  I don’t want my kids being part of the mac n cheese and cupcake generation.

Like many Moms I’m the head chef of the household and the meals I make require ticks on a few key criteria.  They need to be quick and easy to prepare, nutritious and pass the taste test by all four of us.  Admittedly, some meals are an epic failure against these criteria, but for the most part outcome achieved.

Whilst good old fashioned, healthy eating really is very simple, it’s been complicated and confused so much over the decades that ironically it has become something so many of us find really, really hard to do!  So as well as sharing some meal ideas this blog will talk about what is good fuel the body, strategies for being healthier and ditching the processed stuff and some tips, inspiration and news about eating real food and becoming healthier.  Taking steps to becoming healthier is a process.  For many people a slow one, but your bodies (and the bodies you feed) will thank you for every step in the right direction you make.

Sarah (a.k.a running melon)

Thanks to Nature’s Pride for the baby courgette photo in the header.


One Response to About me and the leaping zucchini

  1. Juliana says:

    Love your page, specially the pictures with the kids with fruits and veggies.

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