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Turning chia seeds into chia gel

I used to sprinkle chia seeds on my salads and put them in my homemade raw museli.  The little black and white seeds don’t taste like much, but they do add a bit of crunch, fiber, omega 3 , protein, … Continue reading

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Mexican Caviar Salad

My sister said it was time I posted another recipe.  Something that’s quick and easy.  The sort of thing you can whip up on those nights when you haven’t given dinner that much thought.  Last night was one of those … Continue reading

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Celeriac brunch

A celeriac (or celery root) came in our veggie box this week.  Celeriac is a variety of celery that has been bred for better eating roots (as opposed to cultivated for the celery stalks).  The roots mass together to form … Continue reading

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Kale pesto fish and veggies (a.k.a. fish and chips around here)

Many of us kiwis have fond memories of eating fish and chips at the beach on a summer’s evening.  We would feast on thick battered fish and large quantities of potatoes deep fried in cheap vegetable oil, heavily salted and … Continue reading

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Lemony greens and beans

My husband is out of town and the kids had leftovers so I just wanted to whip up something quick and easy for myself tonight and use up the red chard and kale that was still hanging around the fridge … Continue reading

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Cauli fried rice

What was Rafa eating in the last post?  It was my version cauliflower “rice”. If you read these sort of blogs you’ve probably stumbled across cauliflower rice before.  It’s just cauliflower blended until it looks like rice and it is … Continue reading

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Guest Recipe: Pea and Ham Soup

I’ve asked some friends to share a favourite recipe full of veggie goodness.  To kick off, My super creative Brisbane blogger friend, Bree from Me and My 2 Guys is sharing her Pea and Ham Soup. You’ll need: 1 ham … Continue reading

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