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The will power myth

“I just have no will power” one Mom told me, complaining that her latest diet wasn’t working, “I bake a batch of biscuits for the kids to have when they get home from school.  The aroma of hot cookies fills … Continue reading

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I’ve just finished the June 11th issue of Time magazine (yep, I’m a bit behind on my reading).  The issue’s health special was about a Californian pastor who launched a health challenge to his congregation.  The result?  A collective 260,000 … Continue reading

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H = N / C

Health = nutrients / calories. I stole this equation from Dr Fuhrman, but the concept has been around for a while.  The idea is, that for optimal health we should be eating foods that contain the highest micronutrients per calorie. … Continue reading

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Ratatouille season

Mother nature is particularly clever at delivering season appropriate food.  Salad vegetables, asparagus and peas are available in spring when we’re ready to shed our winter woolies and eat light, fresh meals.  Juicy watermelons are available when we’re wanting to … Continue reading

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Taking the stairs

Many years ago I spent most of my out of work hours with my triathlon buddies in the pool, on the bike or pounding the pavement.  One afternoon, instead of a scheduled training session we went to see Ironman triathlete … Continue reading

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Healthy apple crumble with my home grown apples

I have a brown thumb and manage to kill pretty much everything that gets planted in my garden.  Fortunately for me when we moved into our current house in Oregon there was an existing, well established cherry tree and a … Continue reading

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Rainbow salad

I made a rainbow salad for Ana tonight.  Red peppers, grated carrot, corn cut from the cob, green beans, beets and eggplant. I was just having fun with Ana’s veggies and Ana made me laugh as she sang the rainbow … Continue reading

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