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Mexican Caviar Salad

My sister said it was time I posted another recipe.  Something that’s quick and easy.  The sort of thing you can whip up on those nights when you haven’t given dinner that much thought.  Last night was one of those … Continue reading

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Celeriac brunch

A celeriac (or celery root) came in our veggie box this week.  Celeriac is a variety of celery that has been bred for better eating roots (as opposed to cultivated for the celery stalks).  The roots mass together to form … Continue reading

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Rainbow salad

I made a rainbow salad for Ana tonight.  Red peppers, grated carrot, corn cut from the cob, green beans, beets and eggplant. I was just having fun with Ana’s veggies and Ana made me laugh as she sang the rainbow … Continue reading

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Potluck August harvest salad

We are fortunate to be part of a regular potluck group where both the company and the food is always exceptional.  Our hosts, Kim and Justin, are both phenomenal cooks, particularly when it comes to preparing fresh, real food.   … Continue reading

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Friday night quickie

My sister and I won a trip to France in a dress up competition.  True story!  This was about 10 years ago in a Cathay Pacific “dress up and fly” competition where you turn up at the international airport in … Continue reading

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